Bartons lending solutions are unique. Our passion is working with you to develop a strategy that outlines your future finance plan. We help paint the vision that supports you in not only buying your own home, but one that also lays the foundation for those who might look to acquire property as an investment in the future.

We work with medical professionals, business and enterprise, professionals and executives, property investors and property developers, and we know you are busy. Working with Bartons means we will research markets, negotiate with lenders, prepare applications and effectively manage your debt for you, leaving you free to focus on your priorities.

At Bartons, we have unique and long established relationships with reputable lenders across Australia. These enable us to source exclusive offers, achieve fast approvals and stretch the boundaries that little bit further than may be possible when dealing direct.

Home Purchase

If you are looking to buy an owner-occupied home or an investment property, we can help find the most appropriate loan and arrange the right structure for you.

Investment Property

You may wish to purchase property as part of a wealth creation plan. We find the loan and work with our team of advisors to put the most appropriate structure in place.

Refinancing and Restructuring

We review your current situation and advise you of the loan that best suits your needs.

Line of Credit

We help unlock equity in your current assets to help fund anything from business expansion to home improvements. With a line of credit, you only pay interest on the funds you use.

Land and Construction

If you need to finance a construction project, we help you to choose a loan that gives you the flexibility and features you require both during and after the construction period.

Business Equipment

Whether you need equipment to start up, diversify or expand your business, we help secure the funds that will enable you to take your business to the next level.

Motor Vehicle Leasing and Hire Purchase

We specialise in sourcing motor vehicle finance that’s right for your situation. Whether you need a vehicle for business use or you are a car enthusiast who wants to indulge your passion.

Commercial Property

Whether you are seeking a commercial property as an investment or for your own use, we help you source the right finance and work with you to set up the most appropriate ownership structure.

Debt Consolidation

We assist you to consolidate your debt, tidy up your current situation and find ways to reduce servicing costs.

Bartons integrated service offering can help you reduce debt and structure it tax effectively along with providing the right advice to protect your assets. We also provide valuable sales and rental data that will save you time and provide insightful information so you can make the right choice when searching for that perfect property.

Bartons Lending Services Pty Ltd, Australian Credit Licence 474466

For all lending enquiries feedback or complaints please contact Adam McCann on 08 8179 7100.