Bartons corporate restructure..

We wish to advise that we have recently restructured our business for a range of housekeeping reasons.

Most clients deal with different service lines of Bartons, and these are in some instances provided by different companies within the Bartons Group.

With effect from 1 May 2019, the following companies are now operational:

  • Bartons Accountants & Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd ABN 55 632 753 836 will provide our accounting, taxation and business development advice.
  • Bartons Lending Pty Ltd ABN 13 632 646 738 will provide our lending and finance broking services.

Our financial services business will continue to trade under Bartons FS Pty Ltd ABN 79 302 387 360 for the time being. We will advise you later this year when this is to change.

The underlying ownership and directors are unchanged, so it’s business as usual at Bartons – you don’t need to do anything unless or until you are asked

Feel free to contact us on 08 8179 7100 should you have any queries.