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“Bartons have provided a personalised financial service ever since I first started as an Intern. The flexible, personalised services that they provide suit my busy lifestyle.”

Jamie, Orthopaedic Service Registrar

"Having a planner to guide you through the insurance claim journey whilst having operations and recovering to health is invaluable. Adam and Jordan guided us through the detailed forms brilliantly. I am extremely happy with Bartons."

Tony, Oil & Gas Miner

“Bartons have gone above and beyond to make sure everything has been covered for us – insurance, accounting, estate planning and financial planning. It is so convenient to have a ‘one-stop shop’ that provides all of these services for medical professionals.”

Sophie, General Practitioner

“We have worked closely with Bartons to buy our first home. The team were very approachable and have been invaluable in guiding us through all things financial!”

Tom and Julia, Physicians

"I was a junior doctor with no idea what I was doing financially. A friend recommended Bartons, so I thought I'd just book a meeting and see what they could offer. Ever since my first meeting with Steven, I've been blown away! Along the way I've met various other members of the Bartons team, all of whom were personable and really helpful. Appointments are something far from a chore, and everyone is super friendly and genuinely interested in helping you. I now recommend Bartons to my own friends because who doesn't want a dedicated team who individualise things, make you feel supported, give clear explanations, offer a whole range of services, and hold valuable information sessions like the first home buyer's evening."

Belinda, General Practitioner

Both Adam and Jordan are exceptional in their ability to process the information submitted whether it be verbally during phone discussions or otherwise written reports, and expertly handling my insurance claim with professionalism and understanding. They are very client focussed, and their ability to communicate relevant information at each step was invaluable. They are diligent and hardworking individuals who understand that illness and accidents can happen to people, but the focus is on personal wellbeing despite the trauma, recovery in good time and a positive outlook. They gave me hope that things will be fine. What this meant is that they could empathise with the situation and also professionally clarify points when needed, thereby reducing any feeling of uncertainty, which is to be expected with any claim. They knew very clearly what needed to be done at every step of a claim and how to help the individual, at each point in time. Having that confidence in them, allowed me to fully concentrate on my health, my family and keep working in my chosen profession."

Emma* (name has been changed for anonymity), General Practitioner

“Bartons helped me heaps with tax, financial advice, other financial stuff and administrative matters. This has made being a functional adult a lot easier, especially given my chronic lack of time. Would recommend, thanks Bartons!”

Jo, Anaesthetics Registrar

"When dealing with my insurance claim, I was stressed at the time and not coping well. Jordan kept calm and talked me through the process. Jordan’s expertise and help was very valuable to me at a time when I was stressed. The claim service was great and I felt that I was genuinely cared for."

Brett, Accountant

“A quality service with genuine individuals. I am more than happy to recommend Bartons to my fellow RMO colleagues.”

Josh, Paediatrics Registrar

“The engagement of Bartons has been integral to the early growth and success of Mobile Scaffolds. I would not hesitate to recommend Bartons to colleagues and piers within my industry.”

Rohan, Director, Mobile Scaffolds Trading Pty Ltd

“Bartons has always provided great support and assistance with all things financial. They make the process stress-free, particularly as they know that work and exams are already a great demand on my time and energy. More than that, they provide all this whilst showing they genuinely care about their clients."

Bethany, Paediatrics Registrar

“Bartons have been instrumental in helping me buy and build my first home. Their team are always professional and helpful. I look forward to working with Bartons for many more years."

Daniel, Ophthalmology Registrar

“The Bartons team have seamlessly assisted me with salary sacrifice, income protection advice and helped me purchase my first home. The team at Bartons have made the process very manageable despite my time poor lifestyle.”

Lachlan, Physician and Locum

"I valued Bartons' tremendous support during a very challenging time. The insurance claim was managed fast, with little disruption to allow me to focus on my recovery. The in-depth knowledge and expertise of the Bartons team facilitated the process efficiently. I would like to thank the team at Bartons for looking after me in the way they did."

Ben* (name has been changed for anonymity), Consultant Anaesthetist

"Working with the Bartons insurance team was a seamless process. They are competent, efficient and communicated well. My insurance claim was settled in a timely fashion with regular updates along the way. As Bartons took care of the paperwork, I had very little involvement, which allowed me to recuperate while off work."

Michael, Vascular Surgeon

"Thank you Bartons for such excellent service, It made my life much easier when I was faced with a significant health issue. I could focus on improving my health conditions as I did not have to worry about my financial situation and going through insurance claim paperwork by myself."

Maria* (name has been changed for anonymity), GP consultant